AIII Take #1: Watson’s here

The premiere article in the series presents IBM’s Watson, a journey that starts from IBM Research manager, Charles Lickel’s crazy idea of beating human champions at Jeopardy!, a follow-up of Deep Blue’s 1997 success over Garry Kasparov. The story goes through years of rigorous software development, incorporating the latest results … Read More

Selko Defining the Future

Selko’s Suvi Ellilä and Aino Aarnio-Juurinen from Avanto Technolgies representing the wave of a new and innovative companies with big ideas and plans for success.

This is Finland explores the future of Finnish entrepreneurship after Finland’s 100 year celebrations last year.

Computers beat humans in Stanford University reading test

Last week set an important milestone in the development of natural language processing. Alibaba’s and Microsoft’s deep neural network models managed to beat rival humans in a Stanford University reading and comprehension test. Slush experiences

Photograph by Jussi Ratilainen, Slush 2017   Slush week – and our first Slush – is done and dusted; how did we spend the two days, what did we get out of it, and what are the lessons learned? The office is located in Maria01, the hottest startup hub … Read More