Artificial Intelligence at the Project Management Days

This year’s Project Management Days (Projekti Päivät) on the 30-13 of October, were made extra special not only by the IPMA Award Gala, but also by this year’s special focus on artificial intelligence.

Selko hosted Wednesday’s morning seminar on the use of AI in Project Business. The morning was started of by Mika Klemettinen from Business Finland, who gave an introduction on the topic, and its state in Finland. He was followed by Tuomas Ritola from Selko with a more in depth explanation of the technology and its use in business. Finally a case study was presented by Huawei’s VP Mikko Terho on their experiences of using AI in the mobile markets.

Selko’s CEO, Tuomas Ritola, talking about AI in Business at Projekti Päivät

Many companies are currently wondering how to improve business processes and the customer experience through advanced digitalisation. Introducing artificial intelligence automation into a company can be difficult and costly, and it can be hard to get the work force on board. Some words of advice from our speakers urged anyone looking into starting a project to go data first, see where there is enough data for good training and start from there. All the speakers also agreed that the technology is best used to aid human work, and to find things we can’t see. Not to just replace people and their current work.

From a project management point of view, AI means keeping to deadlines, staying within budgets, and automating those mundane tasks. AI can add intelligence into resource planning by analysing past project data to give accurate estimates about when your resources can be deployed. Similarly, this data can be used to predict task and project duration, and alert about any possible risks and cost overruns.

To learn more, read through this great blog by Saviom to get you started, and check out how Selko can help you with contract and requirement processing.