How It Works

Identifying User-defined Categories in Documents

Selko Analytics is a SaaS platform optimised for technical specification analysis. Find sections of text relevant to functional groups specific to your organisation or specifications specific to an architectural level or product component.

1. Define Your Categories

You can search category topics based on keywords or example text that will become the corpus for your training data.

Keywords allow to you to quickly run the analysis and can be very effective when the topics is well understood. A more complex search is possible with a user-trained machine learning model. The tool makes the process easy and fast, while delivering high accuracy results.

analysis options


2. Input PDF’s for Analysis

The input format for our MVP is PDF.

If you wish to use the tool with different document formats, or would like database integration, please contact our team at info and they would be happy to discuss possibilities.


3. Verify Results

The user is always the expert. All results can be validated by the user and should be checked before export. Selko Analytics learns from any change the user makes to the results and produces better quality output next time.


4. Export to Excel for Easy Post-Processing

A list of results can be exported into Excel, which allows you to easily post process the data and integrate with other tools. You can also:

– Identify Technical Requirements
– Pick Out Headings and ID’s