Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

Selko among the first companies to take on the AI Ethics Challenge,
The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in Finland launched a national initiative on the 5th of October 2018, where companies working with AI are challenged to draft up a set of ethics principles for their own activities.

Selko joined this challenge as one of the first 37 companies, and through a set of workshops and thorough analysis, we came up with a set of 9 principles that apply to our business and technology development. These principles take into account our interaction with our stakeholders, the creation of algorithms and models, the sourcing and storing of data and the set up of our infrastructure.

We are dedicated to following these principles, and hope that our customers, partners and suppliers also engage in the conversation and challenge these ideas.

Selko’s 9 Ethics Principles for Working with AI

1. Use data to improve life of our users, customers, organisations and communities.

2. Be honest when communicating analysis results, the underlying technology and its limitations, and be transparent about used data sources.

3. Consider carefully the ethical implications of choices we make when sourcing data, and the impacts of our work on individuals and society.

4. Communicate the nature of analysis results and the effect of using them in real-life situations, and empower others to make better-informed decisions.
5. Recognise and try to prevent bias in ourselves and the data we use.

6. Respect the user’s ownership of their data, and allow them to make choices about how it is used and shared.

7. Protect the privacy and security of individuals represented in our data.

8. Employ ethics in customer selection.

9. Help others understand the most useful and appropriate applications of data to solve real-world problems.