Selko at Slush 2018 – We’re Excited, and You Should Be Too

Slush 2017, photo by Jussi Hellsten

Selko is excited to be joining Slush 2018, since our experience at last year’s event was nothing short of amazing. Out of thousands of startups, we were chosen as a top 10 finalist in the Slush 100 Showcase (their pitching competition). To say we got the most out of attending Slush 2017 is an understatement.

This time around, as a seasoned attendee and more mature business overall, we can enjoy this year’s event even better than before. Slush started off as a 300 person event a few years ago and has now grown to 20,000 tech heads converging in Helsinki. This year we are focusing on meeting potential partners, industry reps and even possible recruits at the event. That kind of ambiance, energy and overall atmosphere not only brings great talent into one space but also provides a great environment to network and create great contacts.

Tuomas Ritola from Selko pitching on stage, Slush 2017

For More Than Inspiration

Tech events are known for impressive lineups with largely successful names. The great thing about Slush is that not only do they deliver just that, but you also get to dig into real world practices and hands-on advice from these great founders, leaders and startup pioneers. Slush is all about bringing true changemakers to the stage. Here are a few speakers from this year’s lineup:

• Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon
• Bill Ready, COO at PayPal
• Julia Hartz, Co-Founder and CEO of Eventbrite
• Katarina Berg, Chief Human Resources Officer at Spotify

The Journey Behind Development

Slush not only knows how to create a great on-stage experience, but off stage there are ample opportunities for companies to share their ideas, products and even their stories. Startup District, Founders Mingle and even Speed Mentoring and Roundtables are just some of the amazing encounters that can happen from Dec 4-5.

And because of all the great contacts and leads from last year’s event, we’ve been in a great position to develop our shiny new MVP (minimum viable product), and we’re excited to show it off in Slush!

Slush 2015, photo by Jussi Hellsten

In Good Company

Of course, it’d be very remiss of us if we didn’t talk about the extensive list of innovative AI and machine learning startups that will be at Slush this year. Once again, we are in great company with a few notable mentions to include:

Malls of Globe – World market offering smart retail platform as a service.
• BEAD – An AI system that analyzes, optimizes and operates a building’s energy management and operations by measuring real-time occupancy.
Something Corporation – A personalized medicine company working on data-driven continuous care for chronic pain management.
Selko Technologies – An AI based software that automates complicated requirements analysis in engineering, that can save years worth of expensive, repetitive expert work

Meet Us There

Slush is known for helping the next wave of tech entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. And with so many like-minded tech fanatics in one phenomenal atmosphere, it’s hard not to.

We’re looking forward to all the great new opportunities to connect and even possibly show off our shiny new MVP. We said it before but we’ll say it again: we’re excited to be joining Slush 2018! Hope to see you there!

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