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Large engineering projects

Complex, requirement-heavy and highly regulated

Selko software automates requirements management processes. Be it vehicles, nuclear power plants, aeroplanes, space crafts, defense  systems or health-tech, let us help you save your experts’ valuable time with automatic requirement analysis!

Value for my project?

Selko Advanced Requirements Tools and Consultation

Selko’s expert team is developing next generation tools for requirements engineering. Customers can get easy access to this new processing power through Selko’s Requirements Analysis Consultation. Get new insight about your requirements model, speed up regulation read and catch issues early on.

Requirements Analysis Consultation – Elicitate, Analyze, Improve

The consultation service uses Selko technology to process, structure and analyze your requirement load:

Alternatively, take part in our pilot projects, enjoy access to Selko software and be part of transforming requirements engineering!

Get involved – join a pilot!

Taking Data Security Seriously

Standalone Option

We recognize that some requirements data just needs to be kept in-house. Our standalone software allows you to use Selko technology even in an offline state, safe and secure inside your firewall.

Join our AI pilot

We are currently running pilot projects with forward thinking partners. Join us and help us take requirements engineering into a new era.


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