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Let Selko AI support you with your text processing. Intelligent technical specification classification and analysis for complex engineering.

Stop struggling with hundreds of pages. Involve Selko AI & improve your performance.

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Enhance the usability of your documents. Save time and cost.

Identify important sections in an instant and process your documents faster.

Train an AI model specific to you, automate your processes, stick to deadlines.

Classify your content, find topics important to you & export the results in a transferrable format ready for your next project phase. Use Selko AI to locate technical requirements, identify text related to functional groups, system architecture, or anything else important to you.

Selko AI understands your industry.
We work with complex engineering solutions,
from the deep seas to the outer orbit.



Oil & Gas

Complex Engineering Systems

Engineering, Construction, Procurement & Management




Classifying new requirements to match Fortum’s existing requirement models.

Accelerate compliancy process and handling of technical requirements.


RUAG Space Finland Oy

Categorising incoming client requirements according to product architecture.

Right information channelled to right experts.

What's happening at Selko?

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Are you extraordinary? Solving real technical challenges, with the latest techniques in machine learning, on a modern technology stack. Join us!