Piles of documents, not enough time?

SelkoAI helps you process and delegate text data in minutes.

Identify relevant text to your different processes and experts with an AI that understands your language.

We integrate with:

Go beyond keyword searches.

Experts spend 80% of their time searching.
Have AI do the heavy lifting, while you concentrate on what counts. Your expertise.

Supercharge your experts with AI.

Language is how we humans communicate.

Several tasks in companies are related to searching and processing text data, either in documents, Excel sheets, or data bases.

Lacking resources and tight schedules lead to scanning through, and it’s easy to miss crucial information.

SelkoAI finds what’s relevant for you or your team members!

100X faster to set up than traditional AI.

Configure SelkoAI by providing examples of similar sentences from your previous project documents.

Ready to use, secure cloud platform.

No installations.

Teach with examples from old projects.

In hours, not weeks.

Critical highlights on documents.

Instead of hours of browsing.

Export to tools used in your process.

Instead of copy-pasting.

Transfer & scale knowledge

Start building expertise of your best experts digitally in scalable machine learning models.

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