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If you read complex text documents regularly,
double your efficiency with SelkoAI.

Avoid extra work, delays, risks & lost sales
with the world's easiest Text AI!

Go way beyond keyword searches in complex documents.
Extract relevant information, based on your expertise.

Identify text that is relevant for your task from large documents.
Solve your unique problem, train your own Expert AI.
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Channel information for the right experts.


Easily train your own AI model
to identify relevant text
from complex text documents.

Find, highlight & export text discussing for example technology, business, or legal obligations.

Or any specific disciplines, topics, or categories that you need to identify.



Oil & Gas

Complex Engineering Systems

Engineering, Construction, Procurement & Management



What we do in Selko.

In healthcare, an AI model diagnoses cancer with an accuracy of 92%, and an experienced doctor with 96%. But teaming up the doctor with an AI results in faster analysis with 99,5% accuracy.

Selko does the same for technical experts, and helps them read & qualify complex documents faster and more accurately!

Easily train your own AI to understand your domain, with small amount of data & without data scientists.

Identify and highlight automatically relevant text, and analyze more documents, more thoroughly.

Collect all text on a discipline, topic, or a system, and export in Excel, without copy-paste.

Selko AI learns your industry.
Proven solution from the most complex engineering projects, in an easy-to-use tool for solving your problems.


Fortum Nuclear Power

Analyzing and categorizing automatically more than 30 000 nuclear power automation requirements.

Automatically classifying requirements from dozens of different documents, such as standards and IAEA reagulations into different categories needed for the design process.

Training an AI model and teaming up the experts with the AI allowed analyzing larger set of potentially relevant documents, in a fraction of the time.

Analyzing regulation and standard documents with AI helped the experts identify more than 300 requirements that need to be either included to the design, or removed as irrelevant.

A concrete case of AI helping experts improve nuclear power safety.

What's happening at Selko?

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